Have you considered the idea of hosting your wedding in a marquee?

Before you make your decision, you should consider all the benefits of having a marquee wedding. From added space to flexibility and time, this blog post will cover 5 benefits of a marquee wedding.

1. Location

All you need for a memorable marquee wedding is some space.

This means you can host your wedding wherever you like. From your parents’ garden to a field site, you can choose where you want your wedding to be without the restrictions of a set venue.

If you have a special location, a marquee allows you to host your wedding there, even if there isn’t a venue.

2. Personalisation

Everything from the layout to the furniture and the lighting is decided by the happy couple, which means you can have a wedding that is 100% tailored to you.

You can choose the marquee that suits your needs, which means you can pick the size, type, and design. Next, you can pick the marquee details that you want inside.

You can choose the ideal furniture, a mobile bar, decorative lighting, and if desired, a PA system.

3. Flexibility

Another key benefit of hosting your wedding in a marquee is the flexibility it provides you.

You are not restricted by the opening and closing times of any venue. This means the start and end time of your wedding is entirely up to you.

On the subject of flexibility, you are also not restricted by a venue’s capacity, as you pick the size of the marquee you want to be based on the number of guests you will have.

4. Accessories

If you are planning to host your marquee wedding during the colder months, don’t worry about the weather, as we have you covered.

The great thing about marquees is that you can choose your accessories, which include indoor and outdoor heating.

5. Outside In

The final benefit of a marquee wedding is that you can incorporate nature and the great outdoors into your celebrations.

Whether you light up the walkway towards the marquee, place some chairs outside, or use it as a space for people to relax, you can incorporate nature the way you want. You are not just given the marquee; you can use the area you are located in.

Making the Decision

If you need any help with your marquee wedding, you can contact a member of the White Horse Marquee team today.