Here at White Horse Marquees, we understand just how visually impactful a marquee event can be. Our Videos showcase just this, allowing you to appreciate an extra dimension behind some of our favourite installation and client projects. During the past 35 years, we have worked with many different companies and individuals to build our strong portfolio. We have seen simple marquees transformed into romantic havens, professional meeting rooms and energy-infused spaces.

Browse through our videos to see everything from installation videos through to event showcases. We have a range of different marquee designs available to hire. In turn, we also understand just how fascinating it can be to watch some of our outdoor spaces being installed from the ground upwards. Our time-lapse videos allow you to appreciate just that, cutting down the installation period to a matter of minutes. We also give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of our more unusual installation, such as the marquee design we created to encircle an ancient windmill.

Marquees are swiftly becoming a popular choice for outdoor events across the country. Available in a range of different sizes and shapes, they can be tailored to fit your space perfectly. Our videos allow you to visually see just how effective they can be. Save to watch later or share with friends and colleagues – because who doesn’t love the convenience of a short video in this busy world.

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Windmill Timelapse

Ever wondered how we erect some of our most impressive marquees? White Horse Marquees were commissioned to install one of our specialist marquees around an old windmill building. This provided us with limited space to work in, a unique support system and the opportunity to create something truly impressive.

Working with the client, we developed this round marquee design which entirely circled the marquee. This provided shade and protection from all angles while still allowing guests to view the beauty of their surroundings. With such an unusual project on our hands, we wanted to capture this unique cover and, indeed, the installation process at the same time. This time-lapse video shows our team at work, from the initial frame erection around the windmill through to the placing of our canvas outer lining.

The fitting team here at White Horse Marquees have years of experience. Honing their skills over time, they are trained to fit our marquees swiftly, professionally and to suit your requirements. In this video, you will see how they attach sides to the round marquee, allowing guests to enjoy the space at all times of the day. The entire marquee was used long into the night, with guests enjoying the windmill’s heightened unique beauty even more once the sun had disappeared.

If you have any questions about the marquees on offer here at White Horse Marquees, contact us today. Our friendly and expert team are on hand to help you every step of the way, from the initial design right through to the end of your event. Get in touch today and let us help you create a marquee set-up that will have your guests staring on in awe and talking about it for many years to come.