When it comes to your wedding day, there are many decisions to be made, from the guest list to the venue to who shouldn’t sit next to whom at the reception—it can be exhausting.

That is why we wanted to create a list of benefits of hosting an outdoor marquee summer wedding, as we want you to consider all the options. We hope this informative post will help you weigh the pros and cons of an outdoor summer wedding.

Timeless Photographs

Everyone knows that summer days are longer, which means you can benefit from the extra daylight; this results in more time for photos.

Think about how beautiful your photos will look thanks to the natural light of a summer afternoon or evening.


Of course, every wedding, no matter the location, requires planning and budgeting to make sure you don’t overspend.

However, an outdoor marquee summer wedding can save you money as there are a lot more options. For example, a warmer climate for a wedding means more dresses, flowers, and food options will be available.


Statistically, more guests tend to attend a summer wedding, as many people do not have a busy schedule at that time of year.

School schedules will not conflict with your wedding either, and more people will likely take time off work in the summer.

Flower Range

In-season flowers tend to be cheaper but just as beautiful and even fresher.

Seasonal flowers are also more environmentally friendly, as they are readily available. This means that you can potentially source your wedding flowers locally, reducing air/road miles.

Some in-season flowers for your summer wedding include orchids, irises, cornflowers, and delphiniums, to name a few.

Made to Measure

One of the services we are personally proud to offer fits perfectly with a summer wedding theme: our bespoke, made-to-measure service.

With an outdoor space, you can create a made-to-measure marquee suitable for your specific wedding.


When it comes to an outdoor marquee wedding in the summer, you will have more flexibility on timings, size, and space.

You can make the most of the premises outside the marquee to create a relaxing outdoor space, and thanks to the warmer weather, guests can enjoy the sun.

To the Happy Couple

We at White Horse Marquees are devoted to making your wedding, or any other event, spectacular. Contact us today, and we can discuss your requirements for your special day.