One of the most important factors in a wedding, other than the happy couple, of course, is the budget.

You do not want to spend all your money at the start of your preparations, only to realise you have no budget left for your reception. This piece will look at the average price of a marquee wedding, including areas where you can save money without sacrificing quality.

The Average Price of a Wedding Marquee

Depending on the business you work with, the average price of a wedding marquee can range from £600 to £3,000. The price entirely depends on the size of the marquee you want, along with the amenities you need.

For example, capacity, seated, lined or unlined. Additional services will also increase the price, such as furniture, lighting, heating, and mobile bars.

At White Horse Marquees, we work with you every step of the way, which means we can offer a bespoke, made to measure marquee service. This means you can inform us about what you want, and we can suggest a marquee that is suitable for you.

This service will allow you to gain insight into what your current requirements would actually cost, which means you can make changes if they exceed your budget.

Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

This section will look at three ways you can make the most of your wedding budget.

Renting Jewellery

Instead of buying high-end jewellery for your wedding day, which will eat away a large portion of your budget, you can inquire about renting or borrowing your jewellery.

Sample Sale

If you plan to wear a wedding dress on your special day, you can save money by ordering your dress months in advance.

When you start searching for your dress months in advance, you can be on the lookout for sample sales, or sales in general. We suggest following your local bridal stores on social media to keep up with the latest deals.

Wedding Invite

While traditional wedding invites are beautiful, the cost can add up.

Paying for the design, personalising it, delivery costs and the envelope don’t seem like much, but when you multiply it by how many guests you have, it adds up. You can reduce the cost of your invite by going for a virtual option.

You will be surprised at the stunning designs you can create for a virtual invite. You could even go full DIY and create your own invites and address the letters yourself. Not only will creating your own invites save you money, but they are also more personal and unique than hiring a professional.

If you want to discuss your wedding day requirements, please get in touch via our contact page.