Small weddings were a big wedding trend in 2020 and 2021! Due to COVID-19, guest lists shrank, and weddings became much more intimate affairs. Is this trend here to stay?

2020/2021 Changes to the Wedding Industry

Smaller weddings are a creative and resourceful manner to deal with the pandemic.

Happy couples either postponed, cancelled or downscaled their wedding to a more intimate affair in 2020 and 2021. The restrictions changed throughout Lockdown, from gatherings no larger than 10 people to no more than 30 people at weddings at one point. This change caused chaos, but many saw the benefits of hosting a smaller wedding, and not just because it was safer.


The biggest and most well-known benefit of a smaller wedding is the cost.

You won’t be shelling out for a massive venue or having to buy as much food as there will be fewer people attending. A smaller wedding also costs less to organise, the cost of renting furniture is less, or you can plan a smaller wedding virtually anywhere as you’ll require less floor space.

For example, you can erect a marquee almost anywhere, and you can hire one based on your needs rather than rent a venue that requires you to invite a set amount of people.


Smaller weddings take less time to organise, which means you can spend more time on the little details.

If you want to have a hands-on approach, you can create handmade cards, centrepieces or display items that create a much more personalised vibe. If DIY tasks aren’t your cup of tea, smaller weddings can still leave you with time to relax and personalise other parts of your wedding.

Intimate guest list

A smaller wedding is an intimate affair.


If these benefits sound appealing to you, you can become an adopter and hop on this smaller wedding trend.

Whatever you decide, White Horse Marquees can help you with your wedding as we can provide the marquee, furniture, lighting and more to make your wedding special. However, if the signs of early 2022 are anything to go by, big weddings are making a quick comeback!

Create the wedding that is right for you, and contact us today.