Are you struggling to find the perfect flower scheme for your summer wedding? Well, the wedding experts are here to help! With over 35 years of experience, White Horse Marquees have seen how couples have incorporated different flower arrangements into their marquees. This blog will delve into 3 summer wedding flower trends every couple should know about, and how they can be used to set the scene at your wedding.

  • 1. All-white arrangements

The simplicity yet elegance of all-white flower arrangements will create a timeless appearance. Examples of all-white arrangements include orchids, white roses, white lilies, white tulips, camellias, bouvardias and more.

The beauty of a marquee is that you can decorate every inch according to your theme. With all-white arrangements, you can create eye-catching table centrepieces and decorations on our “rustic” trestle tables or create a welcoming floral archway to enter your marquee through.

Our Traditional Canvas Marquees have wooden poles inside to support the structure; this means you can wrap your floral arrangements around the poles.

We can supply pulleys for you or your florist to hang flower rings from. These can be lowered for decoration and then pulled up to the correct height afterwards. A very popular trend for 2020 and beyond is the use of “rustic” ladders which are hung vertically between the central poles and these can be decorated with just greenery or with lots of beautiful flowers threaded through with a few battery-operated pealights.

All these decorative methods can be used as a backdrop for your wedding photos, especially the floral archway.

  • 2. Green foliage

Green foliage can add depth and can make a floral arrangement more prominent. Some examples of green foliage include Myrtle, Ivy, Leatherleaf Fern, Lemon Leaf, Honey Bracelet and more.

As mentioned, you could incorporate green foliage into your floral arrangements, such as the bride’s bouquet, the boutonniere or can be used to decorate the walls of the marquee. You could also wrap green foliage around wedding furniture, for example, on the back of your chairs or down the middle of a banquet table.

  • 3. Single flowers

The third summer wedding flower trend you should know about is the minimalist, single flower approach. Monochromatic bouquets are becoming more and more popular, as couples are opting for a uniformed, decorative appeal. One colour is used for the monochromatic bouquets, and this approach makes the bouquet stand out against the typical white or black backdrop of a suit or wedding dress.

The monochromatic trend is entwined with the single-flower approach, which means that only one type of floor is used throughout the wedding. Popular single-flowered bouquets are made using roses, sweet peas, tulips, lavender and dahlias, but, you can use the flowers that you love the most. The added benefit of only using one flower is that you could potentially save on costs.

  • 4. Other ideas

We can also recommend many extremely talented local florists if you want to hand the decoration over to an expert.

If you are environmentally conscious, you can do flower arrangements without using any oasis at all. We have also known a couple from Hampshire to decorate the entire marquee from what they found in the hedgerows. There is nothing more beautiful than using branches of a beech tree in the Spring.

Garden centres are a great place to hire pots of trees – you can cover the pot with hessian and then thread pealights through the branches for a spectacular effect in the evening. We can recommend a very good garden centre in Gillingham, Dorset.

Have fun with your planning! But if you are struggling let us know and we can help point you in a direction.