Marquees are exciting and fun to light. At White Horse Marquees we understand how lighting has the potential to transform your marquee into an elegant, romantic space. With their high ridgelines traditional canvas marquees are a perfect blank canvas to light. The choice of lighting available is wide and can be tailored to suit your needs. We can point you in the right direction. White Horse Marquees have many years of experience and we realise that nothing will kill an atmosphere more than bright, harsh unflattering lighting. Here are just some of the ways you can use lighting to create the perfect marquee event.

Background Lighting

Are you trying to create a specific atmosphere for your event? Background lighting is just how we do this. We always recommend a warm slightly amber glow from our uplights and this is very attractive. If you are wanting a themed party we can put coloured gels on the uplights to create a pink/purple/blue/green effect. Our background lighting can be put on a dimmer. The uplights can be adjusted to suit both day or night time.

Fairy Lights

Our fairy lights are the ideal way to add an elegant twinkle to your event. We first saw fairyights or pealights as we usually call them in Honfleur in France at Christmas about 25 years ago. We were so excited about this pretty sparkly look that we immediately bought some and so I can say we were probably one of the first marquee companies who offered this style of lighting. It has been popular ever since. It is important you hang them in a way to create the right lighting for the space and we are very experienced now. You can hang them from the ceiling, wrap them around supporting poles or style them however you wish. They make a great canopy above a dance floor too.

Festoon lights

A string of festoon lights hung on top of the marquee illuminate the marquee and are stunning. Why not hang festoon lights on our tall iron shepherd’s crooks to light a path.
They were very popular during the summer of 2019.

Indoor Chandeliers

Sometimes events need chandeliers. These days we find we mostly use these for practical use rather than decorative use and they seem to have gone out of fashion for weddings and parties. However we have found a very attractive chandelier called an Antares chandelier and these are much prettier than the old brass-style chandeliers and have a gentler prettier light.

Bauble Lights

We have been providing these pretty little bauble lights with 8hr tealights for many years. You would need some sort of background lighting like amber uplights as supplementary lighting but these little baubles look like bubbles floating above the tables and chairs. We have a secret way of suspending these. Perfect for a Christmas party or wedding and indeed perfect at any time of year (as long as it isn’t too windy!) Some clients like to hang these bauble lights from an overhead flower arrangement and this is really pretty.


Candles are always such a great way to give the marquee a warm glow. Their flickering light gives life to the space and it is amazing how much light a few candles produce. We are happy for your to have lots of candles on the tables as long as you have a fire extinguisher to hand and that you have put someone in charge of it and they need to be on a fire resistant holder. If you’re looking for an enticing lovely setting, nothing works quite as well as candles. Candles come in many shapes and heights to add even more interest. You can put them in decorative grand candleabra or just place them on a saucer depending on the character of the event. Put candle flares to light up a pathway or just put little tealight in jamjars which work well too.

Here at White Horse Marquees, we pride ourselves in being really quite good with our lighting. It is so important and there is nothing more lovely than a perfectly lit elegant traditional canvas marquee with the warm glow of our amber uplights and twinkle of our pealights.
Get in touch today and let’s start planning your next event.