We are often asked a common question here at White Horse Marquees: what size marquee do I need for my event? We answer this popular question a lot, so we thought we would write a blog post dedicated to addressing the confusion around this concept.

Whether you are hosting a wedding, party, corporate function, or more, we can help you with your marquee conundrum. This blog post will look into what influences your marquee’s size and what you need to consider before picking one.

The Event

Before you consider what size marquee you need for your event, you need to know what event you are hosting.

The type of marquee that is best suited to your needs will be determined by the type of event.

Measure Your Space

When you decide on the location of your event, make sure you measure the premise.

Measuring your location will provide you with the information you need to select the right size marquee. When you measure the space you have, it will let you know what kind of marquee you can have, how many guests you can cater to and what furniture you can fit in your marquee.


When it comes to capacity, you need to consider the seated and standing capacities. If everyone is standing, more people can fit into your marquee.


When deciding on what size marquee you need for your event, you need to know how many guests you intend to have.

You do not want to have a marquee that is too small and then not have enough space for them.


You will also need to consider what furniture you need for your marquee.

For example, the number of chairs and tables you need, bar units, dance floors, and easels all take up space that you need to factor into your capacity. The furniture, lighting, and extras you have will take up space, so make sure you create a list of everything you would like at your event.

You can create a floor plan that allows you to see where everything will go and will allow you to select the right size marquee.


We are happy to help advise you on the marquee size you need, as we have over 35 years of experience. Allow White Horse Marquee to make your event special and contact us today.