The marquee is an important part of any wedding or event. It’s usually the first thing a guest sees before going into your wedding or event, and it can make a big difference in how they feel about the entire event. If your marquee has been damaged by water, wind, or other elements, there are some things you need to do right away to prevent further damage from occurring.

We’ll go over what those steps are below so that you’re ready for anything!

Determine the Extent of the Damage

Make sure that you jot down a list of any dirt on the fabric or any rips and tears in the fabric of the marquee. Take some time to assess what needs to be done, and how much money you can afford to spend before calling the professionals in for help with repairing it.

If it is a rented marquee then it is very important to log any damage or dirt on it before the start of your wedding or event, this way you can reinspect the marquee after the event to see if there has been any new damage since you have had it. If there isn’t any new damage, then at least by making a log you can help to cover yourself if the company claims that you caused a rip or put dirt on the marquee material.

Contact a Professional to Repair it for You

There are companies that offer marquee repairs and will give an estimate on the cost of repairs before taking it upon themselves or referring customers elsewhere if they can’t fix it. You can find them online or through your local community directory. They will be able to give you an estimate for how much it might cost, and if they are unable to fix the issue themselves, refer you to someone who can help.

If there was damage caused to the marquee during its time under your control, then it is up to you to inform the rental company about such damages. It’s usually better not to lie about damages because they will find out sooner or later. So if there was some kind of accident, don’t worry – tell them right away! Most companies understand that accidents can occur at events like these, so they usually don’t charge for them unless there was some kind of major accident.

Inspect the Frame and All Joints for Cracks, Missing Pieces, and Corrosion

It is important to maintain the health of your marquees and make sure that they are kept in good condition so that you can make them last for years to come. Here are a few things to look out for when inspecting your marquees:

  • Remove any broken or corroded parts.
  • Straighten any bent areas of the frame that can be straightened without having to be replaced entirely. If there are bends on your marquee’s metal frame, try fixing them by applying pressure with a vice if you have one on hand. For those that require more accuracy and precision, call a contractor to handle this part for you. Make sure that all joints fit together smoothly.
  • Check all of the screws and bolts are present to make sure they are secure and will hold. Also, make sure they aren’t rusty, you don’t want any to shear and risk the marquee collapsing.
  • Check that there are no missing pieces, for example, zips on the doors, ties for the window curtain roll-ups, etc.

Clean Off Dirt and Debris from the Marquee’s Surface

It is important after every event to clean off dirt and debris from the marquee surface. This will help prevent damage to the marquee, as well as keep it looking good for future events.

One way to do this is with a pressure washer. A pressure washer can be used on any type of surface, including vinyl marquees. It is also very effective at removing dust particles that have settled into the seams between panels.

Other methods can include, but are not limited to:

  • Use a broom or brush to sweep up loose dirt and debris.
  • Spraying down the marquee with water.
  • Using a squeegee to remove dirt and debris.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt and debris.
  • Using a shop vac to blow out the air inside the marquee.
  • Use a hose and nozzle attachment to spray down the marquee.

Remove any Excess Rust With a Wire Brush Before Painting Over It

If you have a marquee frame that has been hit with some rust, it can be very difficult to paint over. To remove the rust, first wet the area thoroughly so that the water gets under the rust. Then, scrub the surface with a wire brush to get rid of the rust. Finally, rinse the area well with clean water.

If the rust has damaged the steel so badly that it’s no longer safe to use, then you may need to replace it entirely. If not then you should be good to give it a fresh coat of paint and it will be looking as good as new in no time.

Fix Your Marquee Yourself if You’re Up for the Challenge!

Write down a list of tools that you’ll need before heading to the hardware store. Make sure to purchase any replacement materials or parts too. It might just be something as simple as sewing together a small rip or tear, or perhaps replacing a pole.

If it’s more than cosmetic damage though, then it is worth considering hiring a professional instead. If it was hired then the rental company will most likely prefer you to tell them about any damage obtained and they will either have professionals in the company who can fix the damage themselves.

Replace Your Damaged Marquee With a New One

If your marquee is damaged beyond repair, then it is likely you will want to choose to purchase a new marquee that matches the style of your business. It’s best to have this done before your event so that you don’t have to worry about your old marquee ruining your plans.


The best way to avoid damage in the first place is by replacing your marquee with a new one. If you’re not ready for that, then do what you can now to prevent further harm and fix it up as soon as possible. A damaged marquee will make your business look unprofessional and could scare off potential customers, not something any company wants!