Today we want to look at ways couples can decorate a marquee to suit their wedding perfectly. We understand that not every couple is the same, which is why you should decorate your marquee in a way you love. From retro to elegant, chic to formal, you can make a marquee your dream location.

This will include table position, the use of roof decorations and furniture hire for the evening party. We will aim to showcase as many options as possible and share how White Horse Marquees can make your day special.

1. Lights, lights and more lights for your wedding!

We will start with something we pride ourselves at being best at, and that’s lighting! The right background lighting can create a charmed and charming atmosphere, from warm and cosy, to festive and lively. You can decorate your marquee with lighting that can be controlled remotely, allowing you to set the mood throughout the day and well into the night. Subtle lighting is so important.

We have background lighting, decorative lighting and more available for you to make your marquee come alive. Remember the wrong lighting – for example harsh overhead chandeliers or bright icy white lighting can kill the mood so watch out! People underestimate the importance of elegant soft lighting.

Don’t forget outdoor lighting too. We went to the local forge and had 24 stunning tall shepherd’s crooks made and we use these to hang festoon lighting to light your pathway into the marquee. What a dreamy and romantic entrance!

2. Flowers and greenery

When you think of wedding decorations flowers and greenery spring to mind immediately. “How on earth am I going to fill that huge space?” I can hear you ask.

We have seen so many beautiful flower displays in our marquees over the years and we have different suggestions to help you fill this space. We have “rustic” ladders to hang horizontally between poles and this is the perfect vehicle to hang flowers and greenery from.

Some people wind battery-operated pealights around it so it looks really pretty at night. Others hang bauble t-lights from them. Florists use flower rings which can be hung between the poles or around the poles. Others put arrangements around the poles.

A few vases of brightly coloured flowers on the tables is all you need for a more relaxed look but more formal arrangements are wonderful too. Flowers can be expensive but a lot of greenery is effective too and a cheaper way to decorate your marquee. You can hire trees from garden centres, decorate with a few pealights and this is stunning. We have known guests to put very small olive trees on the tables too.

Or if you have access to a wood in May there is nothing more beautiful than huge branches of fresh beech leaves. You can buy dried hops later in the summer and these look fabulous hung around the marquee. There are so many possibilities.

3. Furniture

No wedding would be complete without the perfect furniture for you and your guests to sit on. We have a variety of styles for every taste, including our very popular chic new french cross-backed chairs, the smart lime-washed Chivari chairs with ivory seatpads or wooden folding chairs for a more relaxed look.

We also offer sofas and brightly coloured cushions. Imagine a dedicated chill-out space at your after-party, a place where kids can go rest or where you can relax. We also have a mine of information on any other more exotic furniture that we can sub-contract.

4. Add some colour

Add a little colour to your event. Vintage bunting is a great addition to any party, wedding or celebration. Brightly coloured tablecloths can be bought quite cheaply on Amazon if you are having a themed party and they are perfect for 18th and 21st birthday parties. People go to such lengths to decorate table names and these are often brightly coloured. Very large brightly coloured paper lanterns are very effective too and they are perfect for filling the enormous space.

A few favourites that guests have added to their marquee wedding include:

  • Coloured glassware
  • Table runners
  • Creative table displays
  • Family photo wall
  • Paper lanterns or hanging flowers
  • Lively backdrops created for photo opts

5. Drapes

You’d be surprised at how much depth and atmosphere a little piece of fabric can create. Drapes are elegant, and they can add so much to your marquee by simply cascading from the top. You can add colour or keep it simple, no matter what your vibe is, we can accommodate.

Happy planning!